Educational Programs

Magic shows on bullying, anti bullying curriculum, the Golden Rule, water conservation, recycling and waste reduction, electricity, energy, transportation, reading, self esteem and social skills. Fun educational programs for all ages and all grades.

The Golden Rule Magic Show

Golden Rule Educational Magic Assembly How do we apply our attention to the Golden Rule to reduce “wrecking behavior” (bullying) and support “building behavior”? Find out during this fun and focused performance, and use our pre- and post-activities to bring

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The Magic of Our Water

Steffan Soule’s The Magic of Our Water shows students: [icon_list icon=”check-circle-o” color=”#1e73be”] The amount of drinkable water is very small compared to the total amount of water on earth. We need water to live. We need to conserve our water.

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The Magic of Recycling

Steffan Soule has performed “The Magic of Recycling” for Seattle Public Elementary Schools, Seattle Solid Waste, Snohomish County Elementary Schools, Snohomish County Solid Waste, Yakima, Kitsap County and other districts and States since 1990. The show currently tours nationwide. The

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