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Corporate, Family & Group Events

Stage Show Magician – five minute video.

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Experience the magic presentation at a school assembly

Magician Steffan Soule focuses on the power of attention and how we can use our attention to apply the Golden Rule in a variety of situations. While demonstrating magic effects that visually relate to the curriculum, Steffan transfers methods for

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Anti-bullying school assembly: Attention, Magic and the Golden Rule

This school assembly program uses the arts to present ways for students to reduce, neutralize and even eliminate bullying by applying the universal principle called The Golden Rule.

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Perform the Golden Rule Tetraflexagon

Watch Steffan perform the tetraflexagon and then you can create your own!

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Print the TetraFlexagon

To print the Tetraflexagon, you must print in color on both sides, and each side must line up perfectly! [alert style=”warning”] Get the free and valuable PDF so you can Print your own here: Tetra-Flexagon PDF Download [/alert] [alert style=”info”]You

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Build Your Golden Rule Tetraflexagon

Get the Tetra-Flexagon Instructions here. [alert style=”warning”] Download the written instructions for Performing Steffan Soule’s Golden Rule Tetraflexagon. Tetra-Flexagon PDF Instructions [/alert]

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Rehearse the Tetraflexagon

In order to Perform the Tetraflexagon, you will want to spend some time preparing. In the performing arts, this is known as rehearsal.

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Anti Bullying Golden Rule Assembly Highlights

One of the reasons this assembly works for all ages, but even for Junior High School age audiences, is that we grab their attention at the outset with an original magic series using real lightning and lightbulbs that light up

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