Dear Magic Enthusiasts,
Steffan Soule’s mDeck App gives you the full power of the world’s leading card experts with a real deck of cards.

[alert style=”info”]Have you experienced the power of mind reading with a simple deck of cards? When a person selects a card, and you name their card, they are instantly and powerfully amazed.[/alert]

Click here to open Steffan Soule’s mDeck App page in the [vector_icon icon=”app-store” color=”#ffffff” size=”2em”] App Store! You will instantly have the power of the magic deck, the mobile deck and the mnemonica style deck. That’s right, the mDeck App delivers the power of Tamariz (Mnemonica). However, this deck, the mDeck, is vastly superior because it allows for an easy and perfect Any Card At Any Number, ACAAN, and afterwords, leaves you two faros away from the Steffan Soule’s “Further Poker” which is Further Than Further Than That, FtFtT, and the Poker Demonstration by Vernon.

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[alert style=”warning”]For those really interested and/or studying how to pull off these exceptional card magic routines, see the video below, but try to avoid being exposed to the carefully preserved secrets or even the performance videos if you are going to see this live soon anyway! [/alert]

[alert style=”danger”]Below is a video of some of the final power routines possible with the mDeck App. You can do this after four major routines that proceed this: including mind reading cards and Any Card at Any Number. Then, as if that was not enough, the deck is ready for the finale which can be used as a stand alone performance (see video below). The options are vast with this App and the secrets of the mDeck.


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More mDeck Magic (coming soon)

  • Stay Stack Routines
  • Effects with Specific Decks
  • Two Cards Selected, Named and the Location Hand-drawn on the App
  • Mind Reading Cards


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Where to Learn the mDeck:

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