Corporate Event Magician

Company parties, banquets, trade shows, hospitality suites, board meetings, retreats, seminars, luncheons, awards.

Corporate, Family & Group Events

Stage Show Magician – five minute video.

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Magician for Special Events

Stage Show Magician – one minute video.

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Steffan Soule performs magic for
Rates & Packages

Steffan Soule’s creative, theatrical magic will make your next event extraordinary. Steffan Soule’s corporate style magic performed for all ages in a variety of settings guarantees success. From theatres to private homes, from banquet rooms to hospitality suites, Steffan Soule

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Clients & References

Starbucks, Microsoft, Boeing, IBM, Phillip Morris, Westin Hotels, Honeywell, HP, Safeco Insurance, Holland America, United States Olympics, members of Congress, Legislators, Mayors, famous musicians and 1000 corporations nationwide have hired Steffan for large and small performances. Steffan’s client list is

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Custom Magic

Steffan performs with logos, buzz words, a little inside information about a project, person or event, and stories from your group. He weaves your company’s history and vision of the future into a compelling show for right NOW. Playing cards

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Stage Magic

Steffan Soule presents artistic magic designed for high level corporate events and seasoned for the corporate & family audience. Steffan Soule has crafted his show for the modern corporate audience while writing custom magic shows for top executives at national

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Close Up Magic

Close Up Magic performed table to table, person to person, group to group adds an amazing flair to a party, hospitality suite or trade show. Strolling close-up magic or table top magic creates powerful, entertaining and predictably astounding experiences for

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Keynote Speaker

Looking for a great keynote speaker with an amazing performance? Do you plan important company functions and events? Steffan Soule delivers corporate style magic with content that applies to your business. His latest show, “Accomplish the Impossible” reveals the six

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Corporate Magic!

Looking for a great performance for an important event? Steffan Soule is an amazing corporate style magician with an incredible repertoire. Below are video clips of live footage from parties, banquets, seminars and meetings featuring Steffan Soule’s corporate style magic.

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