A Golden Rule activity (can be adapted to environmental lesson plans)

Perform the Golden Rule Tetraflexagon

Watch Steffan perform the tetraflexagon and then you can create your own!

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Print the TetraFlexagon

To print the Tetraflexagon, you must print in color on both sides, and each side must line up perfectly! [alert style=”warning”] Get the free and valuable PDF so you can Print your own here: Tetra-Flexagon PDF Download [/alert] [alert style=”info”]You

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Build Your Golden Rule Tetraflexagon

Get the Tetra-Flexagon Instructions here. [alert style=”warning”] Download the written instructions for Performing Steffan Soule’s Golden Rule Tetraflexagon. Tetra-Flexagon PDF Instructions [/alert]

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Rehearse the Tetraflexagon

In order to Perform the Tetraflexagon, you will want to spend some time preparing. In the performing arts, this is known as rehearsal.

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