Twentieth Century Alphabet of Dreams, Magic and Miracles

The Book: “Twentieth Century Alphabet of Dreams, Magic and Miracles”, by Steffan Soule and Cooper Edens.
Published: 1989.
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Mysterian the story influenced Magic Spectacular

[alert style=”success”]If you know the story of a ballet, and then you watch the ballet, live on stage, you can sense the influence of the story or maybe you can see the story and follow it. Dance and story are

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Designing the multi-million dollar theater for Mysterian®

Photos of the development of the production from pouring cement to opening night.

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Mysterian video sequence

The video sequence demonstrating the story of the Mysterian.

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Water Fountain Levitation

John Gaughan told Steffan, after seeing this performed live, “Your version is better than Copperfield, better than Henning; the best in the world, ever.”

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Mysterian Program and Streaming Video

Here is the original program for Mysterian. The full 60 minute magic show, streams from IndieFlix. Get a free one month indieflix trial (and view this movie). [alert style=”warning”] Get the PDF program here: Program PDF Download [/alert]

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The Hourglass

Steffan Soule was the first magician to perform this illusion. It has been in three major productions and was the centerpiece for Mysterian as a magical time travel vehicle.

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